éphémère                                    旅の誘い                                  ヤマヴィカ映像詩I

                                                      Invitation to Voyage                  Yamavica Film Poetics vol.1


    夢の遠足・光の旋律・影の輪郭 ✨単独または3枚組

 Dream Excursion, Melody of Light, Outline of Shadow


 山田勇男・湊谷夢吉共同演出 銀河画報社映画倶楽部全作品集

Yamada Isao x Minatoya Yumekichi Gingagahou-sha Complete Works


Isao Yamada's feature films (Sturm und Drang (2014, DVD),The Soul Odyssey(2003, DVD), I’ve heard the ammonite’s murmur(1992, currently only VHS) )are available at amazon and other online stores.

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